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Chiropractic…a part of our family’s healthcare since 1927.

At our family chiropractic care clinic, we listen, assess and treat the whole person.

Understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy spine and its beneficial effects on your nervous system, along with posture, exercise, nutrition and being well-hydrated are topics we’ll cover during your visits. This attention to your whole health picture contributes to a healthier spine, helping you experience a more energized, and happier, healthy life. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

We offer:

  • Chiropractic adjustment
  • Exercise consultation
  • Nutritional plans
  • Thermographic imaging
  • X-ray assisted diagnosis

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About Dr. John Gallagher:

Dr. GallagherI am a 1982 graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Chiropractic and completed my Neurology Fellowship in 1997 at The University of Life Sciences – Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. I have had over 1500 hours of post graduate training in Chiropractic Adjusting and Spinal Analysis with special emphasis on the Activator Adjusting Method.

We implement a wellness approach in providing care for our patients. We want you to understand your spinal anatomy so that we can guide you through your choices. Each patient is unique, which is why we present an individualized spinal care plan, addressing your specific need. Each plan will clearly identify that need, define what we will be adjusting and explain what your role is in improving your Spinal Health. Understanding the importance of maintaining a healthy spine and its beneficial affects on your nervous system, along with posture, exercise, nutrition and being well hydrated are topics of discussion that we will cover during your visits. All of this contributes to a healthier spine, which will improve your overall health.

What our patients are saying:

Dr. Gallagher reminds me of the family doctor I had growing up. He listens carefully to me and always takes the time to explain everything.

—Pat Schauder – Hulmeville, PA.*


John & Joanne are a caring couple. You can always get great health advice from them and Dr. Gallagher has the best hands for chiropractic adjustments.

—Richard & Marion Boyce – Warminster, PA.*


Chiropractic care saved me from a life confined to a bed. I had back surgery that failed and I could not get out of bed. Dr. Gallagher accepted me as his patient when other chiropractors would not even examine me. Within a few months I was back on my feet and that was 27 years ago. I still visit Dr. Gallagher regularly to keep me on the go.

—Bonnie Jaeschke – Warminster, PA.*


I have been a pipe fitter since I was 18. The work kept me in cramped positions and included very heavy lifting. Dr. Gallagher had kept me on the job for the last 20 years. Even now that I am retired, I still go for my regular spinal checks.  He never fails to make my spine straight.

—Michael Ludwig – Langhorne, PA.*


Going for my regular Chiropractic adjustments is invaluable. I have more energy, I feel great and I have a lot less health issues. Being at John and Joanne’s office is so comfortable. Every visit includes lively conversation with Joanne about the health topic of the day. I always come away with new information about staying healthy.

—Heather Hodges – Levittown, PA.*


My whole family goes to Dr. John – the kids, the grandkids…everybody. Our family business is auto & truck repair and my husband does most of the truck repairs. This includes big trucks, tractor trailers, delivery vans, semi-trucks and fire engines. He would not be able to continue in this business if it weren’t for Dr. John taking care of his back.

—Beverly Thompson – Thompson Motors – Penndel, PA.*


I always go to Dr. John first. No matter what the issue. His explanations of what is going on and what choices I have are always clear, never circumspect, direct and to the point. He answers my questions in understandable terms.

—Judy Berger – Penndel, PA.*


*Names & Comments Published With Permission.

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